Halloween Festivities and Treats Are Fun!

They Also Pose Potential Dangers to Pets

It’s the Halloween season and while fun for humans it’s often a scary and stressful time for pets. The people your pets, (including you) are most familiar with don’t look or smell the same. Trick-or-treaters or house guests may be frightening to them. Pets can become unpredictable and bites or a lost beloved pet could result.

We’ve compiled 5 tips for ensuring your pet enjoys the holiday with as little stress as possible.


  1. Keep Pets Away from Halloween Fesitvities – Designate a quiet room for your pet/s where they will be safe from Halloween activity. If you’re going out trick-or-treating, leave your dog at home. Even if your pet seems to do well with Halloween something could spook your dog. A bite or your dog getting away from you will quickly end your fun!
  2. Keep Treats Out of Your Pet’s Reach – Many foods found in trick-or-treaters loot bags contain ingredients that are toxic to animals such as chocolate and raisins. Much of the chewing gum on the market today contains a sweetener called Xylitol which is hazardous to pets. Don’t leave children unsupervised with there candy as they may share with their four legged friends.
  3. Keep Pets Away from Halloween Decorations – Introduce your pet to their safe room before you begin decorating so they know they have a haven where they can relax and feel safe. Keep this room decoration and ‘Halloween’ free. Never leave your pet alone with Halloween decorations. Some decorations pose serious threats to pets. Lit candles pose fire hazards. If your dog has ever knocked your drink over with their tail, then you know what I’m talking about. Scented candles are toxic to birds. Fake cobwebs can pose choking hazards, fake blood and glow sticks can be poisonous.
  4. Pet Costumes – Be Alert and Cautious – If you are dressing your pet in a costume remember, a costume can pose dangers too. Avoid masks or anything that covers their eyes or ears or could get tangled in their legs or around their neck. Remove any chewable parts or objects that could come off and choke your pet. If the costume is comfortable, your pet will become acclimated to it in a short time. Signs of discomfort include: hunching, tucked tail, folded down ears. If your pet just isn’t diggin’ it – take the costume off. Don’t make your pet suffer cause you think their cute!
  5. Outdoor Dangers – On Halloween it is especially important to secure ALL pets indoors before night falls. Be sure your pet is wearing their tags and current ID’s. With numerous trick-or-treaters, the constant opening of the door will offer many opportunities for your pet to escape unless you’ve tucked your pet away in their closed safe room.

Have A Happy Howloween!

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