A Diet Worthy of Our Beloved Companions

There is nothing better than the unconditional love of a dog or cat. Ask any devoted pet owner and they will tell you that their pets are not pets, they are family. One of the most important responsibilities we have as pet owners is choosing our beloved companions diet. Our pets health is directly related to the nutritional value of their meals and treats.

Boycott China!

Dog Gone Healthy sees products being imported from China as a significant part of the problem in the health issues presenting in our pets today. More and more of the pet food and pet treats many pet owners continue to feed their dogs and cats are coming from China. Even products that claim to be made in the USA still contain ingredients sourced from China and for us, that is an even more frightening prospect because pet food manufacturers are only required to list the ingredients of their products. They are not required to disclose where they sourced the ingredients. “Made in the USA”, reveals nothing to you as a pet owner regarding the safety or nutritional value of that product for your pet.

A Valid Point Worth Pondering

Consider this as a simple psychological fact:

You don’t have for someone else what you don’t first have for yourself.

The people of China care more about their bottom line than their own air quality. What care could they possibly have for the health of your pet? Or your health? Or my health? Dog food and treats imported from China are making our pets sick and in some cases… even killing them! They are not safe for your pet… not even one of them!

The commercial pet food industry is astonishingly profitable — at 16 billion dollars a year! This fact begs the question, how can we trust an industry driven by profits with the feeding of our beloved pets? In order to keep prices competitive, commercial dog and cat food manufacturers use sub-standard ingredients and fillers. Then, to make these inferior ingredients appeal to our pets, artificial colors and flavor enhancers are added. While the consumer may save money at the checkout, ultimately, they will spend those savings and much more in exorbitant veterinary bills to treat problems that could very easily have been avoided with proper nutrition.

Devoted to the Change We Want to See in the World!

Every treat sold by Dog Gone Healthy is made fresh, from scratch in our own kitchen using ingredients we use to prepare our own meals! All of the ingredients we use are sourced fresh and as locally as we can get them. It is important to us to know where our ingredients came from. We often spend more on ingredients sourced locally that we could have purchased cheaper a little further away but then we would lose sight of it’s origin.

What’s more? We only associate with manufacturers and vendors that share our same vision and high ideals.

We Must Demand Better!

The issues described in the left column are the very reason Dog Gone Healthy was born. Our treats are:

  • All Natural
  • No By-Products
  • No Fillers
  • No Chemicals

The only thing we add that you won’t find in any other treat on the market…


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