Healthy, Low Calorie Treat for Dogs!

Not only are apples safe for dogs but they are an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C and dietary fiber. Apple slices with their core and seeds removed are a great low protein, high fiber, antioxidant snack for dogs. They also help clean their teeth which leads to fresher breath!

Side Effects

Fruits should be introduced to your dog’s diet gradually and in moderation. Use apples to supplement their regular food in small portions.

Apple seeds contain cyanide which is toxic not only to animals but humans as well. An apple seed or two will probably not harm your dog but many eaten over time can lead to an accumulation in your dog’s system. So, make sure you remove all seeds and discard the core of the apple before sharing with Fido.

If your dog has pre-existing health issues such as diabetes or cancer, you should speak with your veterinarian about the effects apples can have on their health.


Apple Cheddar Bites


A Real Pooch Pleaser!

Made with Fresh Apples and Real Cheddar – One of Our Most Popular Dog Treats!

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Made with Fresh Apples and Real Cheddar, these homemade dog biscuits are a Dog Gone Healthy favorite!

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