Natural Heartworm Prevention?

The most important element to helping your pet thwart off any disease or parasite is a “STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM”.

We receive questions quite frequently regarding what we would recommend as a natural heartworm prevention for dogs and cats. Quite frankly, our answer is, “education”. Sure, we can make suggestions about natural ingredients you can add to your pet’s diet that can help naturally with internal parasites. We’re also always happy to provide any information we have on the topic of heartworm. However, educating yourself on the topic is the best prevention of all!

Heartworm is a Serious Disease

Educating yourself about heartworm preventatives and an all natural heartworm prevention approach is the only way you as a responsible pet owner can make an informed decision about what’s best for you and your pet. Understanding how heartworm is contracted and understanding the development and life cycle of heartworm is imperative to optimally protecting your dog or cat.

All pets are susceptible to heartworm. Even if they’re already on a heartworm preventative which is why an annual heartworm test is highly recommended.

Don’t just take what you’re told as truth. Do your own research so that you may understand. Heartworm is caused by mosquitos. Some geographical areas are more prone to heartworm. Living in these areas presents a greater risk to your pet.

The American Heartworm Society provides comprehensive literature and videos as well as a geographical area map which displays high concentration areas of heatworm. Visit their website to learn more regarding this topic and all it’s aspects from prevention to treatment.

No matter what we do in life there is always some degree of risk. The American Heartworm Society states that even if your pet is on heartworm preventives, they can still contract heartworm.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Most experts agree that a strong immune system is crucial for a healthy inner ecosystem. The stronger your dog or cat’s immune system the better their chances of throwing off any disease or parasite.

Diet is the First Step to a Strong Immune System

A strong immune system begins with a healthy diet devoid of additives, chemicals and by-products. The more limited and natural the ingredients, the better the food!

Your pet’s diet should never be taken for granted. It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make regarding your pet’s health. This is also true for humans. The more the quality of human food deteriorates, the more we are seeing a rise in disease and obesity in humans. These same statistics are becoming more prevalent in our pets as well.

Whether you choose to treat your pet with heartworm prevention prescribed by your vet or pursue an all natural approach, building a strong immune system with a high quality diet should be every pet parents’ goal! Your pet relies on you to make the choices and decisions to keep them safe, happy and thriving.

Have Your Pet Tested for Heartworm Annually

You should have your pet tested for heartworm annually regardless of your chosen approach and be sure to include your veterinarian in your decision making process.

Heartworm is a serious disease. It’s imperative that your vet is informed about what you’re doing to protect your pet from heartworm and always follow the advice of your veterinarian.

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