Paw Wax for Dogs


Protective Paw Wax for Dogs

Eco Friendly • Non Toxic • Chemical Free • Non Staining

Deep Conditions Dry/Cracked Paws & Nose. Provides a protective barrier from:

  • SUMMER: hot pavement
  • WINTER:cold temps
  • (Human Grade Ingredients)
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Your dog runs around outside on a number of surfaces, all of which cause wear and tear on their paws. What if you could give your dog protection from the damage of sand, hot pavement, and other harsh surfaces? What if you could give them invisible booties?

Well, you can.

Our Protective Paw Wax is specially formulated to not only sooth rough, chapped, dry dog paw pads; but to give an extra layer of protection against the hot summer asphalt, the cold winter pavement or on those rugged terrain hikes.

If the bottom of your dog’s paw feels rough, they need moisturizing relief. If left untreated, dry cracking paw pads can cause discomfort.

When applied to the pads and between the toes of your dog’s paws, Protective Paw Wax forms a semi-permeable layer of protection. Our non-toxic, non-staining formula also helps to aid in the soothing of fly and mosquito bites, sores (non open), nicks, scratches, and hot spots.

Made from only natural ingredients of olive oil, shea butter, infused herbal oil, essential oils, neem oil and beeswax.

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