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Great for taming Fido’s bad breath! These homemade dog biscuits are made with fresh parsley and mint. Available in regular and grain free.

7 cookies per order. 

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If your pooch has excessive bad breath it could be a sign of an unhealthy mouth which, left unchecked can lead to more serious health issues. Make sure your dog’s dental hygiene is top notch! Brush your dog’s teeth on a routine basis and schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings with his/her veterinarian. Once you’re sure your dog’s mouth is clean and healthy keeping halitosis to a minimum is quite easy!

Here are a few dog breath freshening tips we have found to be quite effective and your pooch will be happy to oblige!

1. All Natural, Homemade Breath Fresheners by Dog Gone Healthy

Our homemade all natural breath fresheners are great for bad breath and your pooches health! Dog Gone Healthy Breath Fresheners are a crunchy biscuit which helps scrape that nasty tarter off their teeth! Plus, they’re made with fresh parsley and mint which have always been a great, all natural approach to fresh breath, (the mint can even help sooth a sour stomach).

2. Give Your Dog Something To Chew On

One of the causes of dog breath is tarter build up on their teeth. Giving them a bone or antler to chew on helps polish those canines – (some pun intended).

3. Breath Sweetening Cinnamon

Sprinkle a little Ceylon cinnamon on your dog’s meals.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil helps combat bad breath in dogs among an array of other important health benefits.  Coconut oil boosts digestion, immune system, and metabolic functions just to name a few and dogs love the taste!

Dog Gone Healthy Breath Fresheners Ingredients:

  • wheat flour (buckwheat flour is used in the grain free treats instead)
  • fresh parsley
  • fresh mint
  • milk
  • egg
  • oil

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Breath Fresheners

Grain Free, Regular

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